Note that our Bachelor course is offered in German only!

The Bachelor of Physics (50%) is designed to provide you with a complete education as a physicist, with subsequent options to enroll as a teacher trainee, in the Master of Education degree program, or otherwise in the Master of Physics program thereafter.

The "language" of physics is mathematics. Therefore, we recommend a combination of Bachelor Physics (50%) with Mathematics.

Structure of the degree


Experimental physics 1-2 (PEP1-1)

Fundamentals of physics in lectures and exercises on experimental physics.


Theoretical physics 1-2
(PTP 1-2)

Fundamentals of physics in lectures and exercises on theoretical physics (parallel to experimental physics lectures).


(PAP 1L)

Initial practicals for teachers normally take place during the non-lecture period.


Experimental physics 3-5
(PEP 3-5)

Continuation in topics of experimental physics: nuclear and particle physics, molecular and solid state physics.


Theoretical physics 3-4
(PTP 4)

Continuation in topics of theoretical physics: electrodynamics and quantum physics


Subject didactics

This is ensured by means of special additional courses.


Bachelor thesis

In a research group. Experimental work is carried out on modern measuring equipment, duration approx. 5 months, the aim is to learn scientific work under supervision. An oral presentation and an examination concludes this module.