Bachelor of Science (Physics) (100%)

Note that our Bachelor course is offered in German only!

Physics is the fundamental natural science that deals with the structure of matter and the interactions between the fundamental constituents of the universe.

Educational program

Structure of the degree


Experimental  physics 1-2 (PEP1-1)

Fundamentals of physics in lectures and exercises on experimental physics.

(Classical mechanics,  thermodynamics and transport processes; Electrodynamics, waves, optics and special relativity)


Theoretical Physics 1-2
(PTP 1-2)

Fundamentals of physics in lectures and exercises on theoretical physics (parallel to experimental physics lectures).


(PAP 1-2)

The beginner practicals usually take place during the lecture-free period.


Experimental physics 3-5
(PEP 3-5)

Continuation in topics of experimental physics (quantum and atomic physics, nuclear and particle physics, molecular and solid state physics).


Theoretical Physics (3-4)
(PTP 3-4)

Continuation in topics of theoretical physics: electrodynamics and quantum physics



General job-qualifying competencies: These include computer applications, foreign language competency, communication skills, presentation and lecture skills, interpersonal skills, and teamwork skills.



The supplementary subject can be chosen from the entire range of courses offered by the university without any restriction of the subject. They should follow their inclinations and interests. Credit points can be obtained through a combination of different modules, which must be meaningfully related.


(PFP 1-2)

Advanced practicals cover a variety of research topics.



Your lecture on a research topic. The requirements are determined by the lecturer in each case.


Bachelor thesis

In a research group. Experimental work is carried out on modern measuring equipment, duration approx. 12 weeks, the aim is to learn scientific work under supervision. An oral presentation and an examination concludes this module.

    Example of BScTimetableforfirstsemester.pdf